Lazy bracket for phones and tablet

Lazy bracket for phones and tablet


Universal Mobile or Tablet Holder - X-Live M06

The world’s development depends solely on “laziness”; People invest the car, plane, and train as they are too lazy to walk; People invent the record and CD as they are too lazy to go to the concert; People invent the telephone, Internet, and IM software as they are too lazy to establish a face-to-face communication.
Using the X-Live M06 Bracket, we provide vigorous support for your “laziness” via “practical action”


Farewell to incompatibility

With the maximum mouth opening of 20 cm, the bracket applies to both mobile phones and tablets. By clamping a tablet vertically and a mobile phone horizontally, the bracket can meet your requirements of fixing the two major electronic devices. You can clamp your device as you like.

Farewell to unsteady base

With a steady base, of course you can use the bracket with ease. The screw rod is tightly and easily fixed at the helical locking base, allowing the bracket to clamp a big-screen mobile phone or even a tablet.

Farewell to inaccurate position adjustment

A solid memory aluminum-magnesium alloy core is used, rendering higher strength and toughness. The bracket can be adjusted to any angle to adapt to various users’ lazist poses. You can follow TV series at ease on vacations to enjoy the pleasure of being a lazy person.

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